October 15, 2010

New Dan Hinkley introduction…

Mine is still in its pot because I can’t decide where to plant it. What it likes best so far, though, is partial shade tucked under a drippy hose pipe. Dan Hinkley brought Chinese Fairy Bells back from the Sichuan Province and now it is available wherever Monrovia plants are sold.

Love, love, love the bamboo-ish leaves in summer- shrub-like, but Monrovia calls it a perennial. The new burgundy growth is other-wordly and weird, topped with creamy flowers in spring. Can’t wait.

I know! Plant it under the hose pipe. Duh!

CNN.com—CNN busts the New York Times for not checking for “conflict of interests” of bee scientists in a major “breakthrough” on Colony Collapse Disorder. Seems lead apiarist Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk has a cozy relationship with Bayer Crop Science.


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