February 13, 2013

Forcing the issue

No matter where we live, I’m sure most of us have had plenty of cold nights to mature the flower buds that will bloom in spring. It’s time to force the issue inside.

Clip kolkwitzia, spirea, dogwood, deutzia, almond, forsythia, lilac, philadelphus, willow, redbud, rhododendron, spicebush, wisteria, alder, beech, cherry, crabapple, magnolia, peach, pear, and maple and bring the branches inside. Make another clean diagonal cut before placing the branches in warm water no higher than 3-inches above the stem end.

Place in warm, well-lighted spot, keep watered, and wait for the flowers to unfurl in a week or so. 

The9billion—Vending machines get their garden on.


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