February 12, 2013

Daffodil daydreams

Daffodils are starting to bloom in Northern California at the famed Filoli estate. Yes, that’s the Dynasty mansion, but Blake, Krystle and Alexis won’t give the talks and tours of the grounds during Daffodil Daydreams (Feb. 22-24). You’ll be with Bob, Nancy and Melissa—internationally known daffodil experts. And they won’t be wearing shoulder pads.

Gawker—-Don’t look, arachnophobes! Raining spiders in Brazil.



Diane C says:

I always used to buy a bunch of daffodils at the train station in late winter to remind myself spring was just around the corner.  What a lovely setting for the show.

Posted on February 14, 2013 at 12:25 pm.

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