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Chrysanthemum ‘Sheffield Pink’

My chrysanthemum ‘Sheffield Pink’ is about to bloom which made think that if you do start one plant from seed this autumn think about this one. Each seedling spreads to a good size patch and each patch is easy to divide and transplant to other parts of the garden where you will want a splash of apricot flowers in the fall.

Burpee says it blooms prolifically and I agree. Check out their live plants for $9.95.

I started mine from seed from the Chiltern Seed Catalog. If you’ve never got your own copy of this wacky catalog chock with every weird plant you’ve never heard of, do send away for one if only to amuse yourself once your gardening winds down.

It turns out I don’t know where I got my seeds. Oh well, start with the live plant. You won’t regret it.

PoliticsDaily—Despite what you have heard, the White House garden soil does not contain lead.


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